We give away $4500 per session.  All games are included with minimum buy-in, no extras required.





Standard Bingo Prices
$4500 Giveaway at every session

Gretna Bingo Palace was created on July 1, 1993 by Charles G Jones, Jo Ann Toomy, Calvin Kass, Mike Sibley, the late Jean Schliem, and the late Felix Stevenson. Over the years not only have the bingo players enjoyed our clean, modern, and comfortable surroundings but many charitable, civic, and other non-profit organizations have been able to raise an average of 1.2 million dollars per year. At present, Gretna Bingo Palace offers 25 games weekly, sponsored by the following groups: Westbank Rotary Club, Westbank Optimist Club, Crockett Fire Company, Gretna Police Benevolent Association, Gretna Historical Society, Italian American Cultural Association, German American Cultural Center, Knights of Columbus, Westbank Community Transportation, Gretna Economic Development, and the Carnival organizations of Alla, Cleopatra, and Choctaw.

Gretna Bingo Palace offers the largest bingo jackpots in the area featuring a total payout of $4500 each session and Progressive payouts as high as $50,000. Our monthly Super Bingos draw players from throughout the metro area. The video bingo room is another extremely popular feature. The snack bar operated by King Jr. offers a wide variety of food and drink.

One player wrote of her experience at Gretna Bingo Palace: "Here I sit. I am comfortable. It's raining and steaming hot outside but I am dry and cool. The hall is well lit and give off a feeling of being among friends. It's easy to get food and drink and I enjoy the interaction between the other players. But what I enjoy most is that familiar thrill I get when there is only one number left between me and my winnings. I can't describe how I feel when they call that number. If you play bingo, I don't have to explain it, and if you don't play, you probably won't understand. I've tried other forms of gambling, but none is as much fun or as affordable as bingo. It's easy to control how much I spend. It's a nice place to relax in. I see my friends every time I come. There's always something going on to comment on. It's exciting when someone wins or is waiting on a number for the Progressive. I don't have this much fun at casinos. There I feel as if I'm alone, even when I'm in a room full of people. Here I feel a part of everybody else."



Gretna Bingo Palace   1900 Franklin Street    Gretna, LA 70053     504.368.4443    gretnabingopal@aol.com

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